Received empty parcel against an order? Here is what you do

Online shopping has become very popular either be it grocery, apparels or electronic devies and gadgets. There are certain risks involved in online shopping but to many shoppers the convenience of choice, payment and delivery outwieghs such risks. However, there have been some instances where customer has ordered for mobile phones but received empty parcels (filled with soap, brick or waste papers) or a wrong model inside courier parcel. This could be due to tampering of parcel or a deliberate action of the Seller. So, how do a customer go about this when s/he faces such situation. We have the following tips to handle such sitiations:

  1. Make a video recording of the opening of the courier pack, and the box inside.
  2. If the parcel is empty or filled with other substances, record the same and also take snaps.
  3. Immediately register a written complaint with the shopping portal. Most of the customers call the shopping portal to register the complaint. While this is very much acceptable but there is a downside to it. You will not have a documentary record of the complaint. Our advice is to first register complaint over phone and also send an email. It is unfortunate that many portals are not providing email ids for submitting written complaints. However, this information can be dug out if the customer can check the terms of use, privacy policy, customer support sections. With Amazon, customer can chat and also have a copy of the transcript.
  4. Check for the courier company details mentioned on the parcel. If you are signing any courier slip then take a snap of the same. The idea is to obtain details of the courier company so that they too can be held responsible.
  5. Next step is to file a Police complaint with full details including information about the portal, seller and courier company.

It will be easy to pursue the complaint in case the above steps are complied with.

Another important point to be bear in mind is to try and buy things only from reputed sellers

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