Issue of void cashback code from PayTM

Purchased 6 products from Paytm using code BIJLIBILL200 & other promo codes in the month of April and May for which I have received coupons to redeem cashback assured against successful EB payment. Among these 6 codes, one code received against the purchase of Suzuki access scooter is usable once in a month valid till the month of December. Whereas the other five codes are valid for one-time use. I have redeemed 1 coupon (Suzuki access coupon) 2 coupons ( Suzuki access coupon and 1 another product’s) and 3 coupons (Suzuki access coupon and 2 other product’s coupon) in the month of April and May and June respectively. In this situation, I am left with two coupons worth 200 Rs. Each which am not able to use as paytm restricts usage of two codes in a month (this was not mentioned in t&c at the time of purchase and was updated in Paytm only after I have raised the concern on June 3rd, Paytm query reference no. 12587632). After I raised this concern to Paytm support, they have updated recently the t&c for the use of BIJLIBILL promo code and also they have upgraded from 2 promo codes to 3 codes in a month. I have requested them to revalidate the expiry date of the code issued or club as a single code, so it could be utilised next month. But Paytm continuously denies stating that it’s “t&c implies only 3 EB codes in a month”.
I have raised this issue with national consumer helpline too, but the reply of Paytm remains the same even to them. My concern is at the time of purchase I was not guided that only two codes could be used in a month, the code issued by Paytm against the two products were void. Under unfair trade practice, they have lured the consumer to buy more products hiding the limitations of t&c and later denying the assured cashback to the consumer.
Paytm is denying to revalidate the coupons expiry date nor issue a new coupon against EB, recharge or other utility payment.

Usha M
Chenai 600005, Tamil Nadu

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