How to handle consumer complaints: 5 points to know

Taking the right step at right time will ensure effective redressal of your consumer complaints. So here are some important tips to you may keep in mind whenever you face a problem. Please remember these will mostly apply in cases where the warranty service is still in force.

1. As soon as you detect a defect in the product/service, lodge a complaint directly with the company’s authorised service center and take a complaint no. Follow this up with a written complaint to service centre, dealer and the company. If your complaint is not attended to within the committed period then send reminders to all the parties.

2. If you have submitted a device for service then obtain jobsheet and preserve a copy for future use.

3. If you are still unsatisfied then you must send Notice to all the parties with a warning of legal action.

4. It is important to continue to write to the Company or its service center to keep your complaint alive and to build a case. This will help you at a later stage if you opt to take legal steps against the company.

5. You should have proof of written communications with the parties concerned. Send your letters through Speed Post or reputed courier service and obtain proof of delivery.

It is relatively easy to file and pursue a consumer case. Consumer need to appoint a lawyer for filing and pursuing the case. Consumer can herself file the case and attend hearings. This is more beneficial and meaningful for less complicated cases involving small amounts.

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