Fraud data entry job and demand for more money

I joined typing business technology in the month of August 2019 for work from home data entry job, which we have to type in MS word from PDF file with in 5days supposed to send on company Email ID..
Once I confrom they ask me to pay the amount of Rs 600 just for registration fee which will be refunded on my First salary, later they have send the file and I have typed successfully. Before submitting the file I got a call.. A person transfer his call to senior executive lady was spoke to me, she was asked me to pay the amount of Rs 2800 for submitting the file because company policy has been changed .. I told I will not pay! But she convinced me to paid the amount because she promised me this amount also will be refunded in my first salary…i have paid the amount through paytm and the file submitted to company Email ID..
Later I got the Email from company my File was rejected due to Accuracy was not met.. We have to maintain 80% accuracy as per the policy if not file will be rejected and amount will not refunded..
After that again I got a call from that person he told me, if this file is going to submit and if I want money again they offer me to make the payment of Rs 1500 file will not reject and I will get the Salary with in 5days. Since August I’m trying to contact that person phone was not reachable.. Last month phone was ringing but that guy has not pick my call. Know I’m calling phone had been switched off.
Even I got a office address as well! They send me agreement later also..
Know I just want to investigate this detail and try to credit the amount by taken from that person.
Kindly do the need full..

Syed Ahmed Abbas
Bangalore 560047, Karnataka

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