Complaint regarding Star Solution form filling job

Sir/Mam, I received an online form fillup job from STAR SOLUTION Company. They said if I do not complete the work in 10 days then I need to pay registration fee of 5200. I submitted the form and I was asked to wait for 24-48 hours and I was told I will receive QC report within 48 hours. Next day was Sunday and today Monday I received a call that one Advt. Jxxxxn Mxxxxa has filed a case against me through Star Solution but I did not receive any report from the company and received direct complaint message from Advt. He said either you pay 15000 to close the case or pay Rs.17500 to get extra time to complete the work. He said company will deduct 1500 Rs and refund 16000+ Salary other I will have to face the case and I will not get salary. And in the evening he filed a case and sent documents to me and asked to pay Rs.15000 + 5200 + 3000. Sir/Mam Please Solve my problem. I have their all details with me.

Aakash Pandey
Banswara 327001, Rajasthan

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