Complaint against AC Tech and MB Data work

I m from rewari (haryana), on 25th feb 19, I searched form filling part time jobs on and I got a call from m.b data work from Aurangabad (Maharashtra) and lady explained me regarding (1500 f0rms in 10 days) form fillling work with lisence which i have attached below.  And i have taken 2nd work also from ac tech solution gujarat and a boy explained me regarding (500 forms in 5 days) form filling work with lisence which i have attached bellow.

1st i started 500 forms in 5 days work from 28/3/19 -5/3/19

I filled all 500 forms within 5 days in which 2 times my id got blocked due to multiple login as helpline person said even i was using only 1 laptop so he asked me to pay 5000 rs as penalty fees 2 times and he increased my work period from 28/2/19 to 7/3/19.

I m sending that proof also as my whatsapp chatting with helpline person on 9xxxxxxx2 and their technical support person.   And finally i paid rs 10000 because he said that ur 10000 rs will be refund with ur salary if u will get 90% accuracy. When i submitted my project he told me that my qc report will come after 48 hrs but on 8/3/19 morning time i got a call from 7xxxxxxx1 / 9xxxx0 these numbers that i have received ur file and ur accuracy report is 85% instead of 90% so u have to submitted 7999 rs and i will give u a link and username and password, then u have to correct wrong forms which will show red lines, u have to correct minimum 25 forms to get ur salary  15000 out of which 3999 will be deduct as registration fees and u will get 11001 along with ur 17999 rs. So total u will get 29000 rs.

when i checked my qc report on my id which is given by them is showing only 45 forms right and 455 forms wrong. And when I called several times on these numbers nobody pick up my calls from my mobile number. So i called from my another phone then somebody picked phone and again he cut my phone and didnt receive my call. Between that i got a msg on my phone that shows from advocate darshan singh phone no. 9xxxxxxx7 that ur case will b file because u didnt complete ur work within 6 days, i m attached that msg also.

Due to less space on attachment below i couldn’t attached more documents but i have all proofs.

prakash singh
Rewari 123401, Haryana

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    • Jaya on November 6, 2019 at 3:19 pm
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    Please tell me how u came out of that issue as I was also facing with same problem. Please help me.

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